Domestic water purifier: the 3 best choices


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Depurazione acqua domestica

Water is the most precious commodity (it becomes even more so with a water purifier). And we all know it.
However, we do not always pay it due attention and we tend to take it for granted. From the point of view of availability, accessibility, purity and quality.
None of these are negligible aspects, especially the last one.
For several years now the topic regarding the safety of the water we drink has been much debated and debated and has tiptoed into our homes, becoming a very interesting and current topic of discussion.

We all have multiple taps and mixers at home and sometimes choose to drink water from them.
The questions that arise are many.

Is it safe to quench your thirst with home water?

Basically yes.
Both the water marketed in supermarkets and the aqueduct water is subjected to rigorous controls and, if necessary, purified.
There is therefore no type of problem present upstream which, however, could arise in the path that the water takes upon arrival directly in our homes, if the hydraulic systems and pipes are not periodically evaluated by experts in the sector who can certify their perfect operation and maintenance.

Tap water is environmentally friendly?

That's right, because by choosing it you save on the use of plastic, on the recycling of bottles and you contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions linked to transport to points of sale.
Furthermore, by giving up the purchase of packaged water, you also obtain a small economic saving on your daily spending.

Aqueduct vs bottled water: pros and cons

The water we buy in the store is a finished product, because it arrives in our homes ready to be enjoyed. From the aqueduct, however, we receive a pre-controlled and purified element which can "lose" its purity on the aqueduct-home journey.
But is it possible to restore the initial condition? Of course yes!
And it is worth doing so, because important benefits relating to health safety, economic savings, availability and contribution to environmental protection can be obtained immediately and in the long term.

How to purify home water?

The answer to this question is really very simple: it is sufficient to purchase a domestic water purifier, a device specifically created to improve the taste and smell of home water which at the same time eliminates impurities and any harmful substances (chlorine, metals , bacteria of various nature, chemical particles, etc) present.

Purified water can be obtained through products that include different installation methods and purification technologies, so the choice is wide and suitable for all budgets.

The simplest and least economically demanding option takes into consideration water purifiers with direct installation on a tap or dispenser, while devices placed under the sink or on a separate line require a higher budget, as well as more space available.

How does a home water purifier work?

Purification technology also plays its part: basically there are activated carbon filters which over time require regular and periodic replacement, a bit like what happens with kitchen hood filters.
We also hear a lot about reverse osmosis, a very effective filtration method for which, however, the waste of a certain quantity of water must also be considered.
More advanced but less widespread water purification systems employ UV sterilization, i.e. the elimination of contaminants using ultraviolet rays, or ionization filtration which also helps to improve the pH value of the water.

What are the best home water purifiers?

The time has come to find out which are the best purification products on the market to install directly in your kitchen, above or below your sink.
We present the most loved and most purchased products by our customers for the purification of their domestic water.

Franke Atlas Clear Water filtered water kitchen mixer

The Franke Atlas Clear kitchen mixer with satin stainless steel finish is equipped with triple channels, two intended for dispensing hot and cold water and one dedicated to filtered water for food use.

  • Improve the quality of your home water thanks to microfiltration
  • Under-sink installation with minimal space requirement
  • Easily replaceable cartridge
  • Reduction of costs relating to domestic consumption
  • Less bottled water, better protection of the environment

With the combined purchase of the specific water filtration system (Franke 133.0284.025) the water will have a completely different flavour! 

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Franke Atlas Clear Water water purifier with mixer

Franke Vital Semi-Pro kitchen mixer with hand shower and integrated water filter

The Franke Vital kitchen mixer has a double-jet adjustable hand shower, 360° barrel rotation and laminar aerator. It is equipped with the Vital Capsule water filtration system, installed at the point of use, which provides pure, good water directly from the tap.


  • Integrated water filtration system!
  • Innovative and powerful smallest capsule filter in the world
  • Two possible choices: High Flow (low water pressure or high turbidity index - High Performance (very high filtration)
  • Quick and easy filter replacement
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Miscelatore con depuratore acqua Franke Vital Semi Pro

Grohe Blue Home sink tap with water filter system

The Grohe Blue Home sink tap, equipped with the GROHE Blue Home Duo starter kit, is a complete solution for enjoying the pleasure of enjoying pure, fresh drinking water. Choose between still, slightly sparkling or sparkling water.


  • Water purified from limestone
  • Choose between still, slightly sparkling or sparkling water
  • Refrigerating unit that can be placed in any cabinet, even with limited space (30 cm in width)
  • Separate channels for filtered and unfiltered water management
  • Ready-to-use kit with quick installation (less than 30 minutes)
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Depuratore acqua con miscelatore Grohe Blue Home

But it didn't end there…

We have just shown you our top 3 best sellers in the water dispensers and purifiers category, but there are so many products to discover.
Zerica, for example, has designed some over-the-counter purified water dispensers, very convenient for both the home and the office.
Irinox, on the other hand, presents itself to the public with a built-in domestic water purifier: a super professional device designed for the best kitchens.

It is a constantly evolving world that we intend to continue to follow with constant attention and insights. Purified water and domestic water purifiers are topics that will increasingly be part of our vast catalog of products for your home!