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Arredo giardino: scopri come arredarlo al meglio

Garden furniture. The idea has been teasing you for a while: you looked at the terrace for a long time and thought that a coffee table would be perfect there, perhaps an outdoor cabinet for that veteran plant that you've become fond of by now. Perhaps the time has come: whether you need to furnish a new garden, a terrace, or enhance what you have available, here you will find everything you need to know.

Furnishing your garden brings countless advantages and benefits, and not just from an aesthetic point of view. In addition to having a dedicated and welcoming space in which to spend pleasant family lunches or special evenings, you will also have a safe area where the little ones can produce some healthy vitamin D!
But that doesn't mean you have to have company to decorate your garden! If you work remotely, or care about spending quality time for yourself, you might be happy to have a little corner of paradise in which to relax and enjoy your private bubble.

How to choose the right garden furniture?

Here are the fundamental aspects to keep in mind before diving headlong into purchases:

  • Budget and planning
  • Space available
  • Uses and priorities
  • Materials
  • Maintenance and cleaning
  • Design

Our garden can become the extension of our home, of our personality. A place to work, play or relax.

It must make us feel comfortable, be functional, easy to clean and organize. Imagine: there's a downpour, you have to bring in all the chair cushions because when you bought them you liked them so much… But then you discovered that they weren't water-repellent. You are barefoot and can't find your slippers. Even worse: you don't have space at home and the fixed table does nothing but clutter you.

In short, before digging into your wallet it is best to take a far-sighted view. For example, if the space is limited but there are numerous guests, it is advisable to choose not only a stackable chair, but also a foldable one, so that it can be easily stored when it is no longer needed. If we don't have adequate shelter, we need to make sure that the materials of our outdoor furniture are resistant and suitable to withstand the elements.

We may not be particularly social creatures, but every now and then someone still comes to visit us and then we will be happy to have purchased an extendable table.

Garden furniture: Extendable aluminum table PER 3 by Scab
Extendable aluminum table PER 3 by Scab

Cleaning and maintenance are not to be underestimated either. Sofas with a wooden structure may need periodic special treatments, while a metal bench will withstand balls, Chuck Norris kicks and bites from furry friends for a long time.

Do we have fragile people in our family, or in our circle of friends, who would be helped by having a nice sofa close at hand, or a large and comfortable armchair? Or can we dot the lawn with beanbags for our children – and the children of our friends?

Evaluating not only the budget and the design of your taste, but also the spaces and activities we plan to carry out in the garden is essential to avoid unpleasant surprises or second thoughts when it is too late.

Finally, it may seem trivial, but we often trust our eye a little too much and take for granted that everything fits "somehow". Plot twist: it was better to take measures! Not only the garden and/or terrace, but also the spaces necessary for the passage of furniture, such as stairs, elevators, doors or obstacles to access routes.

Cleaning and maintenance

This point deserves further investigation. I know, always thinking about cleaning is stressful, but this is the price of taking care of the environment around us, and therefore of ourselves. “Outdoor use” does not mean that the furnishings can be forgotten in stagnant water or that they remain unchanged following prolonged exposure to the sun and humidity: it means that they are designed to better resist the most disparate atmospheric conditions, if we look at the materials, and to blend better with a natural environment, if we look at the design.

Many solutions allow our furnishings to be used both inside and outside the house; This is a great advantage, let's not be intimidated!

Here are some strategies to protect your garden furniture:

  • Covers. Use special covers to protect furniture from dust, rain or snow when not in use. Make sure the covers are the right size.
  • Repairs. If you have a covered space such as a patio, porch or veranda, position furniture so that it is protected from direct rain and intense sun. This will help prevent damage from exposure.
  • Winter storage. If you live in an area with harsh winters, consider storing your furniture in a protected place during the cold season. Alternatively, move the furniture to a sheltered area or cover it with winter covers (even the plants!).
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance. Most furniture can be cleaned with a damp cloth, warm water and a mild soap. Alternatively, use specific detergents and follow the manufacturer's instructions. Prevention is always a good idea.
  • Protective treatments. Wooden furniture may require a protective oil or clear varnish to preserve the color. These treatments should be applied periodically.
  • Lift. If you can, raise your furniture to protect it from ground moisture and to facilitate cleaning underneath. Or, prefer furniture with a metal structure.
  • Predict. If you already know you don't have much time available for cleaning, opt for an essential design, simple shapes and smooth surfaces.

What outdoor furniture can't be missing?

Enough chatter! Let's start with the basics: the force of gravity. We like picnics on the lawn, but we don't mind a comfortable chair either. The first furniture we will think about will therefore be chairs and tables. Here are some useful tips.

Sedie: con o senza braccioli?

Armless chairs are definitely underrated. They are lighter and less bulky. They stack easily, allow easy access to the seat and leave more space for the arms.

However, if we have small children or elderly people in the family, a chair with armrests could be safer. If, however, you have a lot of space and want to create a corner of true design and comfort, then let yourself be inspired!

There are many types of chairs. Foldable, reclining, with or without armrests, stackable or non-stackable. The choice of design is even wider and to escape unscathed and not get lost in the Mare magnum of the offer we can rely on the quality-price ratio and the degree of functionality in relation to our space needs. Therefore, the limit is nothing other than our personal taste combined with common sense. All we have to do is decide whether we prefer to give our garden furniture a modern, classic or more refined look.

Don't forget the stool! Save space by combining it with a high table which normally has a smaller diameter than standard tables.

Table: fixed or extendable?

If you think choosing a chair is difficult, it's because you haven't looked at the tables yet.
Fixed or extendable, round, rectangular, square or shaped. There are something for all tastes, shapes, colors and materials, but the first thing to decide is whether a fixed or extendable solution best suits your needs.

If you have a lot of space and a large family, a fixed table could be the perfect solution. Resistant, easy to maintain and clean and, in most cases, easy to combine.

An extendable garden table, on the other hand, is an almost obligatory choice if all we want from our furniture is versatility, that is, an element that adapts to every circumstance without taking up more space than necessary. Whether you need to study, eat, work or set the table for ten people, you will always have just the space you need. You can choose between different types of extensions: even a single 40 cm side extension can make the difference between adding an extra seat at the table or not!

How to furnish the garden if I have LITTLE space?

Coffee tables, sofas, armchairs and stools

Don't worry, among the best-selling coffee tables the least bulky ones stand out: a simple metal coffee table can make a great impression, if placed in the right environment.

Garden furniture: Etienne fixed table by Bizzotto
Etienne fixed table by Bizzotto

Even if you have little space, perhaps a terrace, you shouldn't exclude the joy of drinking a coffee on a reclining armchair or combining a chair with a comfortable table on which to place cups, ashtrays and newspapers. Maybe you can't treat yourself to an entire living room, but nothing stops you from sprucing up your entrance with an outdoor sofa! Or, you can treat yourself to a precious ally for your relaxation: a rocking armchair.

Garden furniture: Amirantes armchair by Bizzotto
Amirantes armchair by Bizzotto, suspended steel structure

In general, consider items that are easy to store, foldable or stackable, and above all multi-purpose, for example seats with storage, both outdoor and indoor chairs. Remember: it's the details that make the difference! A different plant, color or shape than usual can completely change the perception you have of your space.

Finally, take advantage of vertical elements: wall lights, climbing plants and slim furniture that you can place against the wall, like this folding bookcase by Bizzotto, with just 28 cm of depth - also perfect for aromatic herbs!

How to furnish the garden if I have a LOT of space?

If you have a breathtaking garden or a large terrace… Lucky you! You will be benefited from an amazing offer and will have the opportunity to bring the atmosphere of a spa to your home. But you can't forget that with large spaces comes great responsibility: let me explain the importance of having a shaded area.

  • Health: protects you from harmful rays, prevents sunburn, heat stroke and brings relief in the hottest hours.
  • Comfort: reduces the "glare" effect when using electronic devices or reading a good book.
  • Greater use of your garden: having shelter from the sun or rain involves prolonged use of the space, even more so if the outdoor furniture is welcoming and invites guests to spend time pleasantly there. In short, it gives meaning to your investment.
  • Furniture protection: not only does it make you enjoy the experience of your garden longer, but it also protects chairs and tables from sun exposure, prolonging their life. Some materials may otherwise yawn more quickly.
  • Aesthetic value: no need to beat around the bush, a great piece of furniture is always beautiful to look at. It makes us feel good and makes our environment more pleasant.
  • Plants: do you remember all those plants for which direct exposure to sunlight is not recommended, and which you probably left in the sun instead? Here you are.
  • Shelter: from the rain, but also from our winged "friends". You don't want to ruin the party like that, do you?

Tents and gazebos

A classic and very popular solution is the garden umbrella: it adapts perfectly to any environment and represents an added value with great visual impact. And if you really want to be splendid, an excellent alternative are gazebos. However, pay attention to quality and that your gazebo does not fly away at the first gust: it is better to make a good investment from the start.

Garden sets and lounges

If you want to be sure that your garden furniture is coherent and complete, then you can't miss the sets designed by industry experts. There is a wide range of table and chair sets or garden lounges complete with sofa, armchairs, coffee table, footstool and much more.

Il colpo di grazia? Abbinarci un daybed. Sarà il vero protagonista del tuo giardino.

Garden furniture: Daybed Bari by Grattoni
Daybed Bari by Grattoni

Deckchairs, sunbeds and hammock

In reality, whether you have little or a lot of space in this case makes no difference: a simple and functional folding deckchair can be comfortable for everyone, especially if you can easily fit it in the trunk of the car and take it camping. Here too, there are different types, from the simplest model with aluminum structure and sturdy fabric, to the more elaborate chaise longue in teak wood. Finally, an honorable mention to the timeless hammock. You'll love it, and you don't even need a ceiling or two side bases, because hammocks with self-supporting structures are available today.

Garden furniture: 70 Bahama folding deckchair by Emu
Folding deckchair 70 Bahama by Emu

We think it's the right time to also reveal a trend that has been gaining momentum in recent times: the garden shower. After a day spent playing lizards, perhaps having a swimming pool and adequate privacy at your disposal, a nice outdoor shower is a noteworthy panacea, which will make you appreciate your personal comfort zone even more.

Which materials to choose for garden furniture?

This is quite obvious: to withstand the climates of the external environment, our garden furniture must prefer resistant materials. What is less obvious, however, is that this does not mean that all garden chairs and tables can be left in the rain or snow for a long time, perhaps hoping that the finishes do not suffer damage. Some materials are more resistant than others and require less maintenance, others are more delicate and should only be chosen if we can count on adequate shelter.

But what are the best materials for outdoor furniture?

  • Wood: You may turn up your nose, but it is a very popular choice, appreciated for its natural and warm appearance. Consider that it may require periodic maintenance (special treatments, painting). Teak, for example, is a resistant and good-looking wood, easy to maintain, originating from the tropical areas of the south-eastern Air.
  • Aluminum: widespread, lightweight, rust-resistant and requires little maintenance. It can be painted or treated to better resist atmospheric agents. A suitable choice for those looking for practicality and not just whimsical design games. But know that sacrificing aesthetics for comfort is no longer necessary today! Although this material suits simple styles, you can always go wild with colors and cushions.
  • Rattan: Furniture made from rattan or wicker offers a natural look and is lightweight, designed to withstand the elements and easy to clean. Rattan is a kind of palm tree. The trunk is used for the production of furniture, which is made up of long, flexible and resistant fibres. Thanks to its flexibility it allows you to create artistic shapes and complex weavings.
  • Plastic: High-density plastic or weatherproof polypropylene is often used for economical and easy-to-clean garden furniture. They may be lightweight and durable, but they may also appear less elegant than other materials.
  • Stainless Steel: Speaks for itself, stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and is a good option for patio furniture, especially for coastal or moisture-exposed areas. However, it can get hot in the sun, require cushions or coverings, and is more expensive.
  • Outdoor fabrics: Be sure to use moisture-, UV-, and mildew-resistant fabrics to ensure durability. Use cushions with removable covers, magnetic or breathable cushions. Polyester, nylon and acrylic are the most common, but some companies may offer a range of customized and innovative fabrics, so always keep yourself open to new things!
  • Tempered glass: It is often used for flat surfaces of garden tables. It is resistant to scratches and atmospheric agents but, above all, it looks great!
  • HPL: A high pressure laminate composite material. Known for its resistance to wear, scratches and chemicals, it is widely used to coat horizontal surfaces. It is available in a wide range of colors and finishes, including those that imitate wood, stone, metal and other surfaces. If you are looking for elegance and good taste, this solution is for you.
  • Porcelain stoneware: it is a very resistant and versatile ceramic. It is produced through firing clays at a high temperature, which makes it hard, dense and waterproof. Furthermore, it is widely used as indoor and outdoor flooring and cladding, due to its resistance to wear, stains and relatively low maintenance. It is available in a wide range of colors and finishes and can mimic the look of natural stone, wood and other materials. It is often used in environments with high demands.

Custom outdoor furniture

Have you ever thought about personalizing your garden furniture? If you really want to give a special touch to your home, all you have to do is configure the perfect piece of furniture. How does it work? Simple: by step. You can choose the shape, size and colors, based on the availability offered by the manufacturer. Many tables will give you the option to select the finish of the structure (the legs) and that of the top. For example, for an elegant solution you could combine a metal structure with an HPL or porcelain stoneware top.

The same goes for chairs: you can often configure them to your liking by choosing the structure (material, shape, colour), seat, backrest and cushions as you wish!

If you have doubts and are unsure, a good idea is to rely on a consultant, or to follow the combinations suggested by the manufacturer, if any.

Details that make the difference: garden lighting

Art teaches us that light is what makes the difference between beautiful and ugly. It is "that something" capable of transmitting heat or coldness. The light of a candle, a lantern, or a bright vase near the entrance is enough to make us immediately feel safer as we put the keys in the lock.

A ray of light will transform your lonely terrace into a welcoming place. If, however, you want your garden to be well lit, perhaps with sensors, the most common solutions are ceiling lights, wall lights, spotlights or LED projectors. Durable and easy to install, they will help make your area more impressive, deeper and safer. And if we really want to crown our commitment, we can consider the idea of installing a garden lamp. From the most gothic and fairy-tale, to the most modern: whatever your favorite style, it will not go unnoticed.

The best-selling outdoor furniture

If you still feel lost, perhaps you will be happy to find out which are the best-selling brands and furnishings!

  1. IVREA – Stackable aluminum chair – by Bizzotto

    Ivrea is a stackable chair with incredible potential, with an aluminum structure. You can place it in the garden or on the terrace, with or without a cushion: the ideal combination of aesthetics and functionality. Thanks to its design, romantic and simple at the same time, it can fit into any environment without clashing. It will face rain and children without fear of a single scratch. It is available in anthracite or white color.

  2. MARYLAND - Folding chair in teak wood - by Bizzotto

    Here is a great classic of garden furniture, practical and good-looking, much more than aluminium. The Maryland line is produced with class A teak wood, which comes from sustainable forests. If you want to be on the safe side without thinking too much, this is the solution for you, not only for its adaptability, but also because it already suggests a table to match, from the same line, and even a sunbed with wheels. Remember that teak wood may require strengthening and polishing treatments.

  3. ODEON – Stackable chair with aluminum structure and fabric seat – by Bizzotto

    Odeon has been very successful because it responds to the desire for contemporary and durable furniture that brings a touch of sophistication to our environment. The structure is in painted aluminum and the seat in fabric composed of 70% textilene 30% olefin, fibers derived from polypropylene resistant to UV rays, humidity and easy to clean: a damp cloth with neutral or specific detergent will be sufficient . The padding is designed for outdoors: it dries quickly!It is available with a white or anthracite structure and olive green, denim or gray fabric.

  4. ETIENNE – Round table in painted metal – by Bizzotto

    If Ivrea has convinced you, perhaps you will be happy to know that among the best-selling garden furniture the Etienne line stands out, a timeless jewel designed to give you the maximum in terms of practicality and resistance, which goes well with most of the chairs in the same material. The surface is perforated, thus allowing rainwater to flow. It is also available in many colors (white, dark grey, ocean, green, ocher and burgundy) and in two sizes, 70 or 90 cm in diameter. The structure is made of specially treated and painted steel, with a matt finish. The investment of a lifetime!

  5. SYROS – Umbrella with wooden structure and fabric cover – by Bizzotto

    Lovers of the outdoors and quality have chosen the Syros line, a collection of resistant umbrellas capable of adapting to any outdoor context. Whether you need to organize a party, enjoy a granita, shade your garden lounge or deckchair, you will always have a reliable ally. The smallest has a diameter of 250 cm and a height of 227 cm. The largest offers a 4x3 meter shelter.

    If, however, you prefer a more refined and modern design, we present Noah, a gazebo with an aluminum structure and a sliding roof.
Garden furniture: Gazebo Noah by Bizzotto
Garden furniture: Set of 2 chairs + Auri coffee table by Bizzotto
Garden furniture: Ivrea stackable chair by Bizzotto
Garden furniture: Folding chair in Maryland teak wood by Bizzotto
Garden furniture: Odeon stackable chair by Bizzotto
Garden furniture: Syros umbrella by Bizzotto
  1. PANAMA – Stackable armchair with armrests – by Grattoni

    If comfort and refinement are what you are looking for, then you should know another protagonist in the sector, the Panama line. The structure is in aluminium, seat and backrest combine textilene and rubber for comfort worthy of a regenerating coffee break. Plus, it's stackable! It offers different color combinations with a magnetic and truly elegant charm.

  2. AURI – Set of 2 chairs + coffee table – by Bizzotto

    The Auri set wins trust and success, a balanced solution, the perfect synthesis between quality, good taste and practicality. It adapts to gardens and terraces, even small ones. Buy more than one and you can also furnish bars or refreshment areas, enhancing not only your environment, but also those around you!

    The structure is in painted and treated steel with textilene seat. The screws are made of galvanized steel and the coffee table, 45x28 cm (LxH), offers a nice tempered glass top.

Bizzotto, Grattoni, Emu or Scab are just some of the leading companies in Italy in the furniture and design sector. Relying on professionals is the secret to making the most of your time, your home and your money; someone who has the right eye for finding a compromise between what you like and what works for your garden.

In our catalog you have the opportunity to comfortably explore every option. You can browse it all, or set the filters of your interest. Choose the brand, the dimensions, the material, the colors: our configurator will accompany you step by step!

And for everything else, we're here!