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We at Vieffetrade know what topics you are most interested in, and today we are here to bring you juicy gossip: the best cooker hoods on the market, the best-loved and the best-selling!

And it's not just neighbourhood rumours, this time facts speak for themselves. Sit back and get ready to find out not only how to choose the perfect cooker hood for your kitchen, but also which brands are the most reliable.

cooker hoods, Silverline 3170 wall-mounted hood set
Silverline 3170 - Cappa a parete cm. 90

What if I do not have a chimney? Which hoods are suitable for an induction hob? How many centimetres should the hood be from the hob? Is the suction power sufficient?

If you already have a clear idea of what you are looking for, all you have to do is browse the list; otherwise, here are some hints that may help you choose the best hood for you.

Extractor or filter hood?

We can distinguish hoods into different categories, mainly according to the type of installation and mode of operation. Further subdivisions are given by size and style. In our catalogue, for example, you can choose between a modern, country or classic style.

The first major distinction we can make is therefore between filtering and extractor hoods.

A extractor hood expels air outside the building via a ventilation duct or exhaust pipe, while a filtering hood filters the air in order to return it to the environment. In this respect they must necessarily be equipped with active carbon filters - unless they are equipped with advanced technology - which are essential for neutralising odours. Oh, and don't worry, there are regenerable carbon filters, so you don't have to buy them frequently.

Cooker hoods, Falmec MARE E.ION E.ion System set
Falmec MARE E.ION E.ion System - Island hood cm 66 - black glass

Which works best?

There is no denying that there is a difference. Since extractor hoods do not reintroduce air into the room, they are more effective, they do not fear fumes or smells whatsoever. If a filtering hood, on the other hand, perhaps in the midst of a generous fry-up, has to handle more than it can filter, performance will not be excellent.

However, if you value the correct aspiration power, a filtering solution will be more than sufficient to handle your culinary experiments, while also ensuring a less invasive installation.

Yes, treasure this secret: your ideal cooker hood should clean all the air in your kitchen at least 10-12 times in an hour, which is why it is important to know the aspiration power of the right cooker hood for you. If you have, for example, a 50 m3 kitchen, you will need a hood with a motor of at least 500 or 600 m3/h.

Cooker hoods, Elica BOXIN NO DRIP IX/A/90 - Built-in hood set
Elica BOXIN NO DRIP IX/A/90 - Built-in hood cm. 90 - inox

All types of cooker hoods

Built-in hoods

Among the most classic and discreet, built-in hoods can be fully or partially integrated into wall units. Some models also have a removable grille to enhance the extraction capacity. Classic or not, one of the best-selling hoods in Italy is the Baraldi BLOCK FILTER built-in hood. 56 cm wide and with an output of 380 m3/h, it can only be used in suction mode and disappears completely into the wall unit thanks to its compact design.

Wall hoods and corner hoods

More sophisticated and numerous, wall-mounted hoods can really satisfy the most demanding personalities. From the most functional and imposing to the most elegant, or very stylish, such as the Whirlpool WHVP 82FLT K wall-mounted hood:

Cooker hoods, Whirlpool WHVP 82FLT K Wall hood set
Whirlpool WHVP 82FLT K Wall hood cm. 80

Black glass, programmable timer, touch screen, and there's more: it has electronic controls that make it particularly efficient. You can use it in both aspirating and filtering mode. Definitely more scenic are the corner hoods. You can be sure they do not go unnoticed!

Cooker hoods, Elica ACUTA BL/F/100 - Corner hood set
Elica ACUTA BL/F/100 - Corner hood cm. 100 

Ceiling hoods

If you have an open-plan kitchen with no external outlets or simply like a modern, uninterrupted aesthetic, you might consider a ceiling-mounted hood. Like the Franke EKL100 90 cm hood, they can provide a luxurious and bright touch. Consider that maintenance and cleaning, given the possible height, can be more challenging.

Cooker hoods, Franke FCMA 90 C XS A Maris - Ceiling hood set
Franke FCMA 90 C XS A Maris - Ceiling hood cm. 90

Island (or suspended) hoods

The Elica IKONA LIGHT IX/F 60 cm island hood is the perfect example of how a hood can become a true piece of design capable of giving our kitchen an added and, why not, refined value. It is equipped with a LED strip and a 730 m3/h motor. It is no coincidence that it ranks third among the best-selling hoods in Italy and among the best hoods for island installation, together with the Franke FMY BK MATT F180 Mythos T-Shelf, 180 cm of pure dream.

Cooker hoods, Elica IKONA LIGHT BL MAT/F/60 - Suspended hood
Elica IKONA LIGHT BL MAT/F/60 - Suspended hood cm. 60

Downdraft cooker hoods

These downdrafts hoods for modern kitchens deserve special mention: a commendable combination of efficiency, style and innovation. As beautiful as a technological screen, they emerge to do their duty and retreat silently into their temple.

Hoods for induction hobs

If you are thinking of adopting an induction hob, you should know that for this type of hob it is advisable to combine a special hood, called an anti-condensation hood. They can also be distinguished by other acronyms, such as 'No drip/drop' or 'Dirp/drop control'.

Due to their ability to heat up quickly, induction tends to generate a lot of steam in a short time; as the name proudly states, these hoods are designed precisely to prevent the formation of condensation in the hood through a heating system, either automatic or to be activated with a dedicated switch.

Some hobs of the latest generation directly integrate the hood with the possibility of installing the evacuation kit on the side, in the kitchen plinth or outside.

The best induction hob hood

The 90 cm Silverline 3173 wall-mounted hood is one of the best-selling, which is why we are recommending it to you.

Cooker hoods, Silverline 3173 90 cm wall hood
Silverline 3173 90 cm wall hood

Economical yet beautiful and powerful, the black glass front is that detail that softens its angularity, turning it into an elegant yet intelligent solution.

The best silent extractor hood

Do you have excellent hearing and don't want to disturb your peace and quiet while cooking? Here you will find a selection of hoods with a minimum noise level of 45 dB.

60 cm or 90 cm cooker hoods

To ensure a certain compatibility between cooker hoods and kitchens, two standard sizes prevail: 60 cm or 90 cm cooker hoods. In fact, manufacturers often offer the possibility of purchasing the same model in several versions, based on these measurements.

As always, the market offers a wide range of customised solutions; among the most popular, for example, is the Baraldi COMPOSITA built-in hood in the 45 cm version. Great interest is also aroused by the splendid 160 or even 180 cm solutions, such as the brilliant and luxurious Falmec SPAZIO Circle.tech island hood.

Cooker hoods, Falmec SPAZIO Circle.tech - Island hood set
Falmec SPAZIO Circle.tech - Island hood 180 cm 

And here we are drawing the conclusions. All you have to do is take the measurements of your space and assess its requirements in terms of aspiration power and furnishing style. Remember that there are important safety regulations to be respected: there must be a precise distance between the hood and the hob, always specified in the technical details provided by the manufacturer.

This distance starts from a minimum of 60-65 cm up to 80 cm.

Let us now present you with a ranking of the best brands and best cooker hoods!

The 5 best-selling hoods in Europe

They are the big players in the industry: Elica, Faber, Falmec, Franke, but among the best you will also read Baraldi and Whirlpool. Historical brands with valuable know-how. You have already met them, but let's go into more detail.

1. Franke FSMD 508 WH Smart Deco - Wall hood cm. 50 - White

The Franke FSMD 508 WH white finish hood from the Smart Deco series is equipped with a power of 250 W, rotary button control, LED lighting, max flow rate 630 m³/h and energy efficiency class A. Color enters the kitchen in a proposal elegant and original.

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2. Franke FSMD 508 GN Smart Deco - Wall hood cm. 50 - powder green

A colour that knows how to stand out!


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3. Whirlpool WHVP 82FLT K - Wall hood cm. 80 - black

Whirlpool WHVP 82FLT K wall hood is equipped with a Booster function which guarantees maximum odor absorption. The elegant touch control allows easy and immediate access to all the functions and settings of your hood.


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4. Franke FSMD 508 BK Smart Deco - Wall hood cm. 50 - black

As you have noticed, this hood has gained a lot of trust.


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5. Elica SWEET COPPER/F/85 - Wall hood cm. 85 - copper

Sweet is the hood with sweet, curved and soft lines. It defines the wall as if it were a sculpture, its particular design gives it a lived-in air, evoking post-industrial suggestions.

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And if you want more, here is a selection of the best extractor hoods, based on the most popular brands:

All these brands are distinguished by the following characteristics: advanced technology, modern design, quality and variety of offer. Of good brands we could recommend many more, but this time the judges are you!

This concludes our update for you. Remember to always rely on the expertise of a professional to ensure your home is as safe as possible. We thank you for your valuable time and greet you with the usual recommendation: do not hesitate to contact us for a personal consultation!